Customer: Company K

Country: Egypt

Materials: Shampoo

Weight: 20ml/bag

Target: Fully automatic cutting, filling and sealing of bottle-shaped bags to minimize labor costs


When company K designed a new packaging for their new shampoo, they asked a number of suppliers but could not offer a fully automatic packaging solution within the budget of $10,000. The machine needs to cut the customized bags from the film, fill shampoo in and seal them automatically. Packing speed should reach 20 bags per minute at least.


  • The shampoo is typically packed in a 4 sided sealing bag. To use irregular shaped bags is hard to remain good sealing.
  • The machine budget of a high-speed (50-60 bags/min) customized shaped bag is normally over $20,000.

How We Did It (Solution)

  • In-depth communication with customers to confirm the bag shape, size and packing speed they need.
  • Make suitable bag designs that could allow good sealing and provide strong market differentiation.
  • Make a special cutting mold and redesign fully automatic packaging programming accordingly.
  • Strike a balance between packing speed and budget flexibly.
  • Continuously optimize the machine by testing materials.


  • Implement a fully automatic packaging solution for the special and nice bottle-shaped bags.
  • Packing speed reaches 20 Bags/min.
  • Sealing is good and won’t leak under pressure conditions.


“ We are so pleased to buy this convenient and economical machine from Spack Machine. It will help us grow more customers by our own new shaped bags.”P, Owner of Company K

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