Customer: Company PT

Country: Indonesia

Materials: Matcha Powder

Weight: 28g/bag

Target: Packing speed reaches 50 bag/min with error within ±1g


Demand for company PT’s Matcha was growing very fast. They have an urgent need for a reliable and high-speed fully automated packaging solution. But to choose high packing speed or high precision is biggest problem they face.


  • Customer’s old machine packs only 30 bags/min and error range is about 2g.
  • When they tried to increase packaging speed, the sealing was poor, also the high temperature damaged their packaging film and materials.

How We Did It (Solution)

  • Deep communication with customer.
  • Customize the machine according to the customer’s bag size, material characteristics and weight.
  • Use a solution to shorten packaging time and seal the bags at an appropriate temperature.
  • Optimize the machine by testing the customer’s materials continually.
  • When the machine meets all customer’s needs, we still work hard and increase its performance.


  • Packing speed reaches 70 bags/min (much faster than customer needs).
  • The error range is within 1g.
  • Sealing is good and won’t leak under all kinds of conditions.

Spack Machine helps company PT meet speed, accuracy and good sealing. Who says you are not able to have all of them?


“The machine quality and support from Spack Machine are very outstanding. We planned to purchase 8 machines, now the bad news is that 4 are enough for us.”

J, President from Company PT

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