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Horizontal Flow Wrapping Packing Machine

Spack Machine provides a cutting-edge packaging solution to modernize your production flow with our Horizontal Flow Wrapping Machine. 

This horizontal packing machine is specially designed to save you time and money while still providing high-quality wrapping for your products.

Our horizontal flow wrapping machine can pack various kinds of products such as chocolate bar packaging, candy packaging, biscuits packaging, bread packaging, toys packaging, detergent powder packaging, sugar packaging, oats packaging, snack packaging, juice packaging, and more.

Spack Machine aims to deliver the most efficient horizontal flow wrapping machines on the market.

We are constantly improving our horizontal flow wrapping machine technology to provide our customers with the best possible packaging experience.

What are the Advantages of a Horizontal Flow Wrapping Machine?

The horizontal flow wrapping machine, HFFS, for short,  is easy to use and can be integrated into your existing production line with minimal disruption.

There are many advantages of using this machine, including

1) Compatible with Heavier Packaging

The construction of the HFFS machine makes it easier to package large objects than other types of machines.

Our HFFS solutions make it possible for you to generate bigger packaged goods with a reduced likelihood of disrupting the flow of production in your facility.

2) Optimal Output Capability

The horizontal packing machines from Spack can handle items weighing 10-1,500 grams, 10-1,000 milliliters, or a variety of bespoke weights and volumes.

This adaptability provides additional opportunities to reach your target demographics.

3) Quick and Easy Maintenance

Our horizontal packing machines can be easily disassembled for cleaning and maintenance. This decreased downtime will keep your production line running smoothly and efficiently.

Spack Machine’s Horizontal Flow Wrapping machine can accommodate different types of bag packaging such as gusset bag packaging, flat bottom pouch packaging, doypack packaging, pillow pouch packaging, sachet packaging, stick bag packaging, 3 side seal pouch packaging, 4 side seal pouch packaging, and triangle pouch packaging.

How does Horizontal Flow Wrapping Machine Work?

The Flow Wrapping Machine may be adjusted for either manual or automatic infeed. The goods are first manually loaded onto a conveyor belt. 

The conveyor belt then transports the goods onto a machine where the film is tucked below and over the product to cover it.

The film that runs on the flow wrapper may or may not be registered. If the film is not registered, it is either unprinted or printed with repeated, continuous text/images that span the whole length of the film. In this instance, the length of the packages is provided.

The film is then crimped to seal it and sliced to divide the items as it travels down the conveyor belt towards the end sealer.

To better understand the process, take a look at this video: Automatic Flow Wrapping Packaging Machine

Spack Machine’s Horizontal Packaging Machines

Horizontal Flow Wrap Machine

Speed and efficient packaging for up to 200 bags per minute.

Model No.: HFFS-350 / 450 / 600

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Sachet Packaging Machine

The Horizontal Flow Wrap Machine is an ideal automated packaging solution, capable of packing up to 200 bags per minute with treats including candy bars, chocolate bars, muffins, and cookies.

There is a wide range of bag sizes available, from 80 x 45 mm to 500 x 300 mm.

HFFS-350 model can pack 20-200 bags/minute
HFFS-450 model can pack 15-70 bags/minute
HFFS-600 model can pack 15-70 bags/minute

The film material ranges from laminated film, laminated paper film, and aluminum foil film. The optional features also include a hanging hole, euro slot, carry handle, degassing valve, tear notch, zipper, and spout.

Check out more information about this machine here: Horizontal Flow Wrapping Machine
Horizontal Flow Wrapping Packing Machine’s Industries and Applications
No matter what industry you may be in, our cutting-edge Horizontal Flow Wrapping Packaging Machine can cover.

We can accommodate food and beverage, chemical, medical, pharmaceutical, and electronic packaging.

Horizontal Flow Wrapping Machine’s Video

How to Package Disposable Mask

How to Packing Cookies

Best Features of Vertical Form Fill Seal Packaging Machine

See how our VFFS machine works well to activate and elevate your yield.

1. Cost-effective Quality

Vertical Form Fill Seal Machines are excellent especially if you are a business starter and are on a budget. They are cheaper than most horizontal machines, but they offer the same high quality and durability.

Spack prides itself in offering VFFS machines to automate the entire bagging process vertically, which includes forming, filling, and sealing the pouch. The efficient packaging process cuts down work hours and costs to produce large volumes of goods.

2. Fast Bag Size Changeover

Our vertical form fill seal machines’ quick size changeover will let you reduce downtime and save money. You can easily adjust the pouch size instantly with its modular component. You may even change bag sizes without requiring any special equipment.

3. Super Easy Manipulation

The simple touch panel on Spack’s vertical packaging machines gives you complete control over your production process.

Our VFFS’ vivid touchscreen allows you to a fast setting of pouch weight and dimension in minutes. includes forming, filling, and sealing the pouch. Plus, with its simple settings and user-friendly interface, anyone can easily operate the machine.

Need to customize your featured VFFS machines?

// Resources | Quick Screen Your Pouch Packaging Needs

Filter by Industry

We screened the food, beverage, chemical, medical, hardware, and electronics industries separately.

Filter by Applications

We screened the powders, granules, solids, liquids, and pastes applications separately.

// Industries & Applications

No matter for food/beverage, chemical / medical, hardware / electronic​​ packaging, with filling products in the state of powder, solid, or liquid, we got you covered.

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Cookies Packaging

instant noodle package

Instant noodle packaging

Pet food block bottom bag packaging

Mask Packaging

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Chocolate Bar Packaging

Candy packaging

Candy Packaging

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Toothbrush Package

Muffin Packaging

Muffin Packaging

Protein Br Packaging

Protein Bar Packaging


Q1. Which products do well in a flow-wrapped package?

Flow wrapping is applicable to any solid object that can be moved down a horizontal conveyor belt. 

A chocolate bar, a package of cookies, a package of toilet tissue, and a scratch card; any item that must be placed in a bag that may be pushed.

Q2. Are there any advantages to using flow wrapping?

There are so many benefits of using a flow wrapping machine. For one, flow-wrapping packaging may preserve and protect your raw materials.

Good flow wrapping confines the packing around the product, preventing it from moving excessively and being disturbed. The amount of material used to seal the package is maintained to a minimum so that the tails are not too lengthy.

This allows the pack to be fitted neatly into outer packaging, minimizing the number of resources required and facilitating shipping.

Flow wrapping and gas flushing may also be coupled. By infusing a nitrogen mixture into the pack, gas flushing serves to protect food. This removes the oxygen from the bag.

Q3. What types of horizontal flow wrapping machines does Spack Machine offer?

We offer horizontal flow wrapping machines that come in a variety of sizes and speeds to accommodate your needs.

Some of the features also include a photoelectric eye, multi-language HMI, auto-stop, and running most film materials.

Q4. Can horizontal flow wrapping machines accommodate different product sizes?

Yes, horizontal flow wrapping machines can accommodate various product sizes ranging from 40-140 mm (Length) x 30-80 mm (Width) x 5-30 mm (Height) to 120-450 mm (Length) x 50-160 mm (Width) x 10-80mm (Height).

Q5. Is it worth it to invest in a horizontal flow wrapping machine?

Horizontal flow wrapping machines have become increasingly popular in recent years as they offer an efficient, cost-effective, and versatile solution for packing a wide variety of products.

If you are looking for a horizontal flow wrapping machine, Spack Machine is the way to go! We offer high-quality machines that come in a variety of sizes and speeds to accommodate your needs. Contact us today to learn more.

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