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Quad Seal Pouch Packaging

Maio 31, 2022

Looking for a high-quality packaging option that will make your products stand out? Quad Seal pouch packaging might be just what you need!

Stay up-to-date on all the latest information about this packaging by reading the entire article!

What is Quad Seal Pouch Packaging

Quad seal bags, also known as Stabilo bags, are box pouches, and pouches with a flat bottom. The base of these pouches resembles that of a standard box. Because of their sturdy foundation, these bags are often referred to as the most durable.

With its clean, modular appearance, this package shape is a popular choice for a variety of products. It is a dream come true for the marketing department since it has four panels that may show images and information.

The ease of storage and convenience characteristics of the quad bag are two reasons why customers choose this particular kind of bag.

Because of this, quad seal embalagem em bolsa can sit on the shelves comfortably, is stable, maintains its fashionable form, and ultimately keeps its individuality intact.

Most importantly, this provides your customers with an all-around excellent unboxing experience, as they can be sure that their purchase is secure and the contents!

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The Process of Quad Seal Pouch on Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine

Máquinas VFFS may be used to manufacture, fill, and seal quad bags at lower prices for bigger operations. It works like this:

O VFFS machine is loaded with a roll of flat packaging film known as roll stock.

O quadrilátero bag is formed by passing the film roll through a shaping tube that is rectangular in shape. The bag has four vertical seals, a block bottom assembly, and a horizontal seal bar for its bottom closure.

Afterward, your goods are loaded into the quad bag and the package is given its final horizontal top seal to secure it.

There are many benefits to creating your quad seal bags using a VFFS machine. Premade bags are more expensive per bag, however, VFFS machines can produce them faster and at a lower cost per bag.

However, becoming your bagmaker comes with its own set of obstacles. Operators must have a greater level of technical expertise and more space for mistakes to operate the equipment.

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The Process of Quad Seal Pouch on Premade bag Packing Machine

Máquina de embalagem de saco pré-fabricado para alimentos para animais de estimação, máquinas de embalagem de saco de reforço de stand up pouch saco de fundo de bloco

If you want to go the premade way, this means you will have to feed the preformed quad bags into a máquina de embalagem de sacos, which will then fill the bags with your goods and seal them shut thereafter.

If you are manufacturing on a big scale, it may be more expensive to purchase premade quad seal bags because of their upscale appearance and the ease with which they can be processed by a packaging machine.

quad seal bag

Upsides and Downsides of the Quad Seal Bag


Good for Heavier Goods

O quadrilátero seal pouch is strengthened and sturdy because of its four vertical seals, making it perfect for bulk fills with goods. Because of this, it is ideal for holding heavier items such as Coffee, Alimentos para animais de estimação, snacks, etc.

More sustainable

This style of packaging has a lower packaging to product ratio than other types of packaging. As a result, it is an excellent choice for those who are concerned with right-sizing their packaging to its contents to decrease waste.

O reforços of a quad seal bag stretch in an accordion-like motion.  This allows the bag to stand on its own, as well as gives it a large amount of space to store products.

Quad seal bags are good for company branding

As a result of the fact that the content, information, and branding may be printed on both the vertical panels and the side gussets, the quad bag is an excellent promotional item.

So if you are a company trying to increase brand recognition or promote a new product, the quad seal bag is an ideal option for you.

Can stand on its own

The quad seal pouch, in contrast to a regular pillow bag, has a construction that allows it to stand on its own, giving it a powerful presence on the shelf.

This is not only good for product stability but also makes your products more eye-catching and attractive to potential customers.

Easy to handle

O quadrilátero seal pouch has a flat bottom, which makes it easy to load and unload products.

This is in contrast to other types of bags, such as the stand-up pouch, which can be more difficult to handle because of their round bottoms.


More expensive

The quad seal pouch is more expensive to produce than a regular pillow bag because of its more complex construction. As a result, it is not always the best option for companies that are working with tight budgets.

Takes up more space

The quad seal pouch, because of its square shape, takes up more space on the shelves than other types of pouches.

This can be a disadvantage for companies who have limited shelf space, or who are selling their products in bulk quantities.

More technical skills needed

If you decide to make quad seal bags on a VFFS machine in-house, you will need machine operators with a somewhat higher level of technical skill for this process.

There is a larger potential for mistakes with these machines since they contain a greater number of moving components and assemblies. But if this is your concern, no worries! Experts of Spack Machine are careful in accommodating your questions and concerns in handling the machine.

Unstable when emptied

The bottom of quad seal bags does not have a level surface since they are constructed using a fold-over rather than being flat. Because of this, when the package is full, it will be heavy enough to press the bottom of the bag down, which will allow it to stand properly.

However, since there is less weight in the package when it is used up, the seal may not be as flat as it was initially, which causes the quad bag to topple over.

On the other hand, when constructing bigger and heavier quad bags, it is often necessary for the bag to rest flat to be stable because of the way the weight is distributed inside the bag and the shape of the bag.

Because of this, the number of visible panels for marketing purposes will be reduced, and the product will take up more space on the shelf.

Not good for pourable products

The quad seal pouch is not a good option for products that need to be poured out, such as liquids, because the bottom gusset can make it difficult to control the pour.

So if you are packaging a product like this, you may want to consider another type of pouch, such as a stand-up pouch with a pour spout.

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Products Packed in Quad Seal Pouch


Quad seal coffee pouches, which have been a popular option for coffee packaging for a significant portion of the modern era, often have a one-way valve installed to maintain the product’s freshness.

Spices and Seasonings

Since these products are generally dry, they can be difficult to package without making a mess.

A quad seal pouch is an excellent option for spices and seasonings because it can be sealed tightly shut, preventing any accidental spillage.


Popcorn is another food product that is often packaged in a quad seal pouch.

The flat bottom and four corners of the bag make it easy to fill with popcorn, and the bag can be sealed tightly shut to keep the popcorn fresh.

Other Snacks and Candies

Many other types of snacks and candies can also be packaged in a quad seal pouch,

Including chips, pretzels, trail mix, and more. These bags are often resealable, making them convenient for consumers.

filling machine


Overall, the quad seal pouch is a versatile packaging option that has some advantages and disadvantages depending on what type of product you are trying to package.

If you are working with a pourable product or a product that needs to be stored in a flat position, then this may not be the best option for you.

Should you need expert help from a manufacturing company, Máquina de espátula is your best choice! Our company strives to deliver the best máquinas de embalagem with great value, so you can create the perfect product for your needs.

Still, have questions? Feel free to reach out to our team and we would be happy to help you choose the best packaging option for your product!

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