Máquina empacadora de bolsas en palillo

For your small-capacity product packaging using roll stock, our form fills seal machines for Stick Bag Packaging Machine will be a good option.

Stick Bag Packaging Machine

// Stick Pouch Style

Stick pouches are narrow in width and long in length. They are made at a compact size to hold single-servings neatly. In addition, the pouch’s material can be customized to resist freezing occasions and become moisture-proof.

Convenience is also provided by stick bags through easy-opening options.

A Stick pouch is an optimal choice for the food and medical industry. Especially it holds powdery products, such as instant coffee and medicine powder, with the least risks of bursting.

And our pouch packaging equipment at Spack is capable of supporting this type of package effectively to boost your productivity.

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Single-served Adaptability

Harsh elements resistant to support single-use goods.

Economical Output

Less film used and faster FFS for packages.

Outstanding Convenience

Lean designs for easy storing and usage.

Materiales y características que admitimos

Material fílmico

La película laminada, película de papel laminado, película de papel de aluminio, la mayoría de las películas con características de sellado térmico y 4-12C de espesor.

Características opcionales

Orificio para colgar, ranura para el euro, asa de transporte, válvula de desgasificación, muesca para rasgar, cremallera, pico, según sus necesidades.

Galería de muestras de bolsas con fuelle

Stick Bag Packaging Machine
Stick Bag Packaging Machine
Stick Bag Packaging Machine
Stick Bag Packaging Machine

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