Máquina envasadora de bolsas prefabricadas

premade bag packaging machine

Premade Bag Packaging Machine – Spackmachine

Spack Machine is proud to offer our customers a premade máquina envasadora de bolsas.

Our premade bag packaging machine is perfect for those who are looking for an efficient and cost-effective way to package their products including pet food packaging, coffee packaging, marijuana packaging, snack packaging, pharmaceutical and medicinal packaging, nut packaging, and more.

We aim to provide our customers with the best possible packaging experience and offer a wide range of customization options to make sure that your products are packaged exactly the way you want them.

What are the Advantages of Premade Pouch Packaging Machine?

Spack’s premade pouch packaging machine can work with a variety of zippered and non-zippered bags, as well as pillow pouches, gusset bags, doypacks, 3-side and 4-side pouch packaging, block bottom bags, quad seal bag, irregular shape sachet, and spout pouch.

Premade bag packaging machine is capable of packaging both liquid and solid items. It is a versatile type of packaging that can be used for a wide range of products.

Some of the benefits also include:


  • Built-in zipper options contribute to the modern appearance of your personalized bag
  • Both Spack Machine’s Horizontal and Rotary Premade Bag Packaging machine has cutting-edge PLC, cylinders, and sensors that ensure a precise and accurate seal
  • High-accuracy packaging with intermittent motion and precise volumetric portion control

How does Premade Bag Packaging Machine Work?


  1. Premade pouch packaging machine packing starts with bag loading. This step loads the machine with bags in the bag magazine.
  2. The machine picks up the bags from the bag magazine. And stamp the date information on the bags.
  3. En machine opens the mouth of the pouch and fills the bags with air or nitrogen gas to get ready for filling.
  4. Filling system weighing and filling the product into the pouch.
  5. Roller brushes clean the sealing part and then the machine arm closes the bag and seals it.
  6. The conveyor sends the bags out.

Spack Machine’s Premade Bag Packaging Machine

Máquina envasadora horizontal de bolsas prefabricadas

Model No.: SPM 160 / 210 /260. Speed up to 60 bags per minute

premade bag packaging machines - spackmachine

Bolsa con fuelle

Doypack Packaging

Bolsa de almohada

En horizontal pouch packaging machine can handle a maximum bag size of 360 x 260 mm (14.2 x 10.2 in).

This machine is perfect for users who need to 

Models SPM 160, SPM 210, and SPM 260 of premade bag packing machines are built of 304 stainless steel. Each model is capable of packaging various kinds of bags like gusset bags, block bottom bags, doypack, pillow pouches, stick packaging, and more. 

Maximum bag width for each model:

  • SPM 160 for pouches with a maximum width of 6.3 inches (160mm)
  • SPM 210 for pouches with a maximum width of 8.3 inches (210mm)
  • SPM 260 for pouches with a maximum width of 10.2 inches (260mm)

Optional features for the horizontal readymade bag package include a hanging hole, euro slot, carry handle, degassing valve, tear notch, zipper, and spout. 

This cutting-edge equipment may be used for various applications and sectors, including envasado de alimentos, beverage packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, cannabis packaging, and hardware packaging.

Read more about this packaging machine here: Horizontal premade bag packaging machine.

Premade Bag Packing Machine’s Video

Horizontal Type Premade Bag Packing Machine

Cosmetic Premade Bag Packaging Machine

Máquina empacadora rotativa de bolsas preformadas

One Machine for various bags needs

Model No.: SPM-200R / 250R / 300R. Speed up to 60 bags per minute


Premade pouch packaging machines - spackmachine
protein powder packing machine

Block Bottom Bag

doypack packaging machine manufacturer


The rotary premade bag packaging machine is ideal for liquids, powders, and solids with optional weighing and filling systems. 

Packaging such as gussets, doypack, block bottom bags, bolsas autoportantes, 3 and 4-side seal packaging, and more.

The production parameter memory includes gripper size, machine speed, sealing temperature, and filling volume.

The rotary premade bag packaging machine can automatically switch between bag sizes. It is also equipped with a cooling station essential for liquid products. 

Optional features also include a hanging hole, euro slot, carry handle, degassing valve, tear notch, zipper, and spout.

This machine also comes in three variants: SPM-200R, SPM 250R, and SPM 300R.

Each model has eight stations and can laminate a variety of materials, including laminated film, laminated paper film, and aluminum foil film. But here are their differences:

  • SPM-200 R for pouches with a maximum width of 7.9 inches (200mm).
  • SPM 250 R for pouches with a maximum width of 9.8 inches (250mm).
  • SPM 300 R for pouches with a maximum width of 11.8 inches (300mm).

The rotary premade bag packaging machine is perfect for different kinds of products including seasoning powders, liquid detergents, candies, ketchup packets, and more.


Premade Bag Packaging Machine’s Video

Premade Bag Packing Machine for Pet Food

Bag in Bag Premade bag Packaging Machine

How to Pack Powder in Preformed Bag

Best Features of Premade Bag Packaging Machine

1. Faster Turnaround

Vertical Form Fill Seal Machines are excellent especially if you are a business starter and are on a budget. They are cheaper than most horizontal machines, but they offer the same high quality and durability.

Spack prides itself in offering VFFS machines to automate the entire bagging process vertically, which includes forming, filling, and sellado de la bolsa. The efficient proceso de envasado cuts down work hours and costs to produce large volumes of goods.

2. Simpler Operation

Our premade bag packaging machine uses premade bags which improves production workflow and reduces the complexity of the packaging process.

3. High Accuracy & Excellent Sealing 

We have various of weighing system for filling different products with high accuracy.

Our pre-made bag packaging machine is CE certified, ensuring that your products are securely sealed with minimal risk of leakage or rupture.

Need to customize your featured  Premade Bag Packaging Machines?

// Industrias y aplicaciones

No importa para comida/bebida, químico / médico, hardware / electrónicaenvasado, con productos de llenado en polvo, sólidoo líquidole tenemos cubierto.

cookies packaging

Envasado de galletas

Doypack Packaging

C0ffee Packaging

oatmeal bag packing

Oatmeal Packaging

spout pouch packaging

Envasado de salsas

customized shape sachet

Special Shape Packaging

// Recursos Pantalla rápida Sus necesidades de envasado en bolsa

Filtrar por sector

Examinamos los sectores alimentario, de bebidas, químico y médico, hardware y electrónica industrias por separado.

Filtrar por aplicaciones

Examinamos por separado las aplicaciones de polvos, gránulos, sólidos, líquidos y pastas.


Q1. What is the performance speed of premade pouch packaging machine?

The machine can pack around 60 bags each minute. The materials used in the process significantly impact the packing speed. Furthermore, depending on the complexity of the packing bag, the pace may be increased or decreased.

In order for the packing process to be efficient, the feeding speed of the filling machine had to match the sealing pace.

Q2. How reliable is the operation of the premade bag packaging machine?

Premade pouch packing equipment is simple to use for packaging since it comes with software that drives it and provides explicit instructions. Manufacturers can also run operations on-site, which is less taxing if the necessary equipment is available.


This ease of use also means that the machine can be quickly set up to change pouch sizes. The biggest advantage is that there is no tooling required, which can save a lot of time.

Q3. What are some of the industries that use premade pouch packaging?

Los equipos se utilizan en diversas industrias, como la alimentaria y de bebidas, la médica, la farmacéutica y la de ferretería. Las máquinas también se utilizan para diversos tipos de rellenos, como líquidos, sólidos o polvos.

Q4. ¿Cuánto cuesta una envasadora de bolsas prefabricadas?

El precio de la máquina variará en función del modelo y la marca concretos. Sin embargo, el coste medio de una envasadora de bolsas prefabricadas también depende del fabricante.

Q5. ¿Cuál es la eficacia de los cambios en las máquinas de envasado en bolsas prefabricadas en términos de residuos?

Una de las ventajas más significativas de los equipos de envasado en bolsas prefabricadas es que los cambios son controlables con un desperdicio mínimo de bolsas o artículos. Además, los cambios en una envasadora de bolsas prefabricadas sólo llevan unos minutos. Las envasadoras automáticas de bolsas son útiles para hacer más rentable la fabricación en general.

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