How to Enter Hand Sanitizer Market Faster and Better

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abril 25, 2020

Are you facing a direct or indirect impact of COVID-10 in your current industry? At the same time, you are seeing rapid growth in many industries related to cleaning and disinfection.

Are you thinking about whether you should enter these markets?

But you are worried if it’s too late or doesn’t know how to do it?

This article will take the hand sanitizer market as an example and try to solve all your concerns.

Concern 1: Is hand sanitizer a good market?

Yes! Absolutely yes!

1. There is a huge growing demand for hand sanitizers in the market.

The hand sanitizer market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 39% during the forecast period (2020-2025).

The global outbreak of coronavirus has majorly changed consumer behavior. Consumers take more preventive measures to maintain personal hygiene, especially hand hygiene.

The WHO, CDC, and doctors around the world recommend the usage of hand sanitizers.

They claim that the use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers is one of the most effective precautions observed against the virus. This factor is currently boosting market growth. 

Even after the epidemic, hand sanitizer sales will continue to grow.

Because of increased health awareness, consumers will still maintain hand hygiene habits for a long time.

2. It’s a market easy to enter from your current industry.

The formula of hand sanitizer is very simple and raw materials are not expensive.

So it’s easy for prospective market entrants such as cosmetics suppliers to join in.

Concern 2: What can help you stay competitive in the hand sanitizer market?

For existing market players, you can expand production and fulfill the current growing demand for hand sanitizers and expand your presence in the market.

Also, it’s important to introduce product innovations to supplement segment sales.

For prospective market players, promoting your new launches with the help of the social media platform plays a vital role in capturing the remaining market share of your established competitors.

Due to high price sensitivity, your low-priced hand sanitizer can also gain considerable market share.

Concern 3: What kind of hand sanitizer do consumers prefer?

Portability and convenience are attracting a large consumer base. It’s majorly increasing the sales of gel-type sanitizers.

Small-sized and pocket-friendly packaging is expected to increase the sales of gel-type hand sanitizers to consumers. Consumers can clean their hands anywhere and anytime with hand sanitizers stashed in purses, pockets, diapers bags, and travel bags.

Wash-free is also a trend. In a shared space, consumers will have clean hands even if there’s no soap and water. It does not need to be wiped off and provides the convenience of saving time. 

Concern 4: Acknowledging the great market potential and product trends, how can you better enter the hand sanitizer market?

To reach out to more consumers, the emphasis is on the packaging of the product for easy recognition by consumers. We recommend the liquid envasadora pack hand sanitizers in stick bags or pouch bags. The following are 4 advantages:

1. Innovation can be your selling point:

Innovating in products is difficult, but you can innovate in packaging easily. Stick bags and pouch bags are kinds of innovation compared to traditional packagings, such as bottles.

Furthermore, the portability and differentiation of stick bags and pouch bags can make consumers fast aware of your products on digital platforms.

2. Low investment can help you start quickly and reduce risk:

  • Low Equipment Cost: A liquid envasadora costs about $4,000, while a machine system for bottle filling, labeling, and capping costs more than $20,000.
  • Cheaper Packaging Material Cost: The cost of packaging films for bags is only 1/10 of the cost of bottles.
  • Reduced Transportation Costs: A liquid packaging machine is 0.9*1.6*1.9m in size, but usually the bottle packing solution is over 8 meters long.

3. Fast Reaction can help you get to the market fast:

  • Fast Lead Time: A liquid máquina envasadora can be ready in 1 week, a bottle packing solution takes at least 1 month.
  • Fast Production Time: The packaging speed is 4200 bags per hour, much faster than manual packing. Your products can enter the market and gain market share quickly.

4. Easy to switch to other products, when the hand sanitizer market becomes increasingly saturated.

The liquid packaging machine is not a customized product. It’s suitable for the packaging of various liquids and sauces.

After you get enough profits from the hand sanitizer market, you can use the machine to pack your other materials such as sauce, soup, edible oil, liquid medicine, cream, seasoning sauce, ketchup, pepper sauce, honey, shampoo and shower gel, facial cream and so on.

Some might think now is not a good time to enter the cleaning and disinfection market.

We understand what their concerns are, but we suggest you do the opposite. The difference in cognition comes from the ability to see the essence, and the ability to see the essence comes from the ability to think.

Anything could happen in the next couple of months. We will do what we can, with what we have, where we are.

Our duty is to make your job easier, and find new opportunities even if it’s not easy to do so.

Leon Liu

León Liu


¡Hola! Soy León, un experimentado Director Técnico Comercial con más de una década de inmersión en el sector de la maquinaria de envasado. En la actualidad, pongo mi experiencia al servicio de Spack Machine, líder en la creación de soluciones de envasado innovadoras.

Mi sólida formación en integración mecánica y mi dominio de las herramientas de marketing e inteligencia artificial me dan una perspectiva única. Soy un puente perfecto entre las facetas técnica y comercial de nuestras ofertas. ¿Mi objetivo principal? Crear soluciones a medida que se adapten a las necesidades específicas de nuestros clientes, garantizando que se beneficien de una mayor eficiencia y ahorro de costes.

En el fondo, me mueve la pasión por ayudar a las empresas a perfeccionar sus flujos de trabajo de envasado. Creo firmemente en un enfoque centrado en el cliente y en la creación de valor real para nuestros socios.

Aprecio las conexiones con compañeros profesionales del ámbito del envasado y más allá. Colaboremos y tracemos un camino de crecimiento mutuo.

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