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To achieve your hardware packaging goals, we offer reliable pouch packing machines with easy operation and stable function.

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PCB Chips

PCB Chips

// Hardware and Electronic Component Packaging Know-How

Hardware accessories often feature heavyweight, irregular shapes, and large quantities. While electronic items feature lighter weight and are static-sensitive. No matter which case, their production requires both reliable packaging and strong protection.

In addition, hardware parts and electronic components packaging machines must also be highly accurate in allocating precise products to each bag.

At Spack, our component form fills seal solutions include specific equipment compactly designed to suit your production needs.

Despite the packing size, shape, or weight, our bagger machines deliver high accuracy, performance, and speed. And our modular design makes the equipment easier to maintain in your manufacturing.

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Our bag packing machines meet your non-food product packaging demands, tailor-made to your component characteristics.

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Facts speak louder. Check our fact-based food packing cases where we’ve reached successful production results.

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