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Granulated Sugar

Granulated Sugar

Pop Rocks

Pop Rocks

// Granulated and Solid Product Packing Solutions

Reliable granule and solid product packaging equipment must be made of branded parts and materials.

Leading components ensure that your packing machines have a more stable performance and longer lifespan.

What’s more, professional granule packaging solutions have to be highly accurate in weighing and portioning loose products like salt, detergent particle, candies, and chips while maintaining a steady operation speed.

All of Spack’s granulated and solid packaging machinery utilizes advanced PLC, cylinder, sensor, and other components from renowned brands.

By integrating branded parts into modular devices, our machines provide a consistent bagging performance. And Spack also has a responsive expert team ready to assist you online or on-site.

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Facts speak louder. Check our fact-based food packing cases where we’ve reached successful production results.

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