Tea Bag Packing Machine

Pouch packaging equipment especially for tea bag and drip coffee bag packing.

// Tea Pouch Packing Solutions

Teabag packing machines are bound to simplify the bagging of dried tea leaves and ground coffee powder as well. For tea bag making, this kind of filling and sealing equipment utilizes a special roll stock fabric material with tagged strings or hanging ears.

Tea pouch packing solutions with suitable packing machines can significantly improve the quality and productivity of your tea bag-making company.

Spack provides dependable tea bag packaging machines with triangle seal or flat seal options. Our equipment can effectively produce large volumes of single-serving dip bags per minute.

In addition, a highly skilled team will give you professional suggestions for the selection and operation of your suited tea bag packing equipment.

How can the tea packing machines help reduce manual labor costs?

Spack’s tea packaging equipment offers a comprehensive solution to reduce manual labor costs in tea packaging. Our machines are designed to efficiently fill, seal, and weigh loose-leaf and fermented tea, eliminating the need for manual labor in these repetitive tasks.

By automating these processes, our tea packing machines significantly reduce the reliance on human operators, reducing labor costs for your tea packaging operation. With Spack’s tea packing machines, you can optimize your production line, improve efficiency, and ultimately lower costs associated with manual labor.

// Features & Advantages

See how our tea bag filling and sealing machine works well to activate and elevate your yield.

Ideal for the Single-Serve

The tea bag packing machine is great for making single-use teabags using cotton or muslin fabrics. And our triangle pouch fill and seal machines are also a great option to pack single-served drip coffee bags.

Custom Production Speed

You can set your desired packaging speed of our tea pouch packing machine with a visual touch screen. And our equipment customization will let you adjust equipment pace to best suit your production line.

Reliable Compact Structure

With modular components and integrated construction, our tea bagger equipment is compact and fit for nearly any factory scope. And they can reliably make large volumes of teabags or drip coffee pouches.

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// Industries & Applications

No matter for food/beverage, chemical / medical, hardware / electronic​​ packaging, with filling products in the state of powder, solid, or liquid, we got you covered.

Bag Packing Machine

Fragmented Tea

Pyramid Tea Bag Packaging Machine

Flower Tea

Bag Packing Machine

Fruit Tea

Bag Packing Machine

Tea Powder

Bag Packing Machine

Granular Cereal

Drip Coffee Bag Packing Machine

Herbal Tea

Bag Packing Machine

Small Snack

Tea Bag Packing Machine

coffee ground powder

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