How New Packaging Technology Keeps Coffee Fresher?

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July 26, 2021

Learn how new packaging technology helps to keep coffee fresh and safe for consumption.

Humans first started cultivating and trading coffee in the 15th century. Since then, the search for how to keep it fresh is still on.

Even though a fresh packaging option is yet to take over. The demand for fresh coffee is still very high. The American astronaut, Bill MacArthur is not left out. After living in space for 6 months, he had a wish, which was:

To have a cup of fresh coffee upon landing.

Related quests like this, are what prompted the advent of better preservative methods.

So how can new packaging technology keep coffee fresher?

Vacuum packaging is a common way for the coffee package, but in this method, carbon dioxide escapes. This takes away the coffee aroma. So this is not the best method for the perfect favor.

The Nitrogen filling technology is the safest way to keep coffee fresh. It helps to preserve and protect coffee.

Want to learn more about how this new packaging technology keeps coffee fresher?

Read more to find out.

Early Battle to Keep it Fresh

As soon as coffee is roasted, the need to keep it fresh is inevitable. Some packaged coffee on the grocery store shelves is not fresh. Some contain harmful chemical preservatives to extend the shelf life.

But new, safe packaging technologies will help us enjoy fresh coffee. While cutting out harmful storage/packaging processes.

For over 100 years, it is well known that oxygen is bad for storage. It is a threat to keeping coffee fresh. Many coffee merchants have wondered how to keep coffee fresh.

Before technological advancement, there’s a limit to coffee storage. Some were ground into powder and stored in sealed cans.

Subsequently, glass storage evolved, but it was fragile, the demand was low. Following it was the metal cans. Then again, metal cans are prone to rust within a short time.

Over time, all these efforts yielded short-term success. Deterioration is inevitable, especially after a few months.

The Era of Vacuum Packaging

While most people see vacuum packaging as a preservative strategy. There is a slight difference. Vacuum packaging does not need harmful chemicals before storing.

While It has also progressed over the years, there’s a limit to its process. There’s been no change to how it’s done till now. Here’s how it works:

  • Coffee is put into a clean airtight pack
  • The packager sucks the air out. As oxygen is bad for its storage.
  • Then it’s sealed and stored.

With this process, the entire oxygen does not leave the pack. Even though the reduction is great. The remaining percentage is substantial. And it can lead to oxidative deterioration.

The brewing of Fragrant Freshly Ground Coffee

This method aims to curb oxidation, moisture, and CO2 depletion. There is no form of degradation

The brewing of ground coffee favors quality and customization. Because stored coffee goes stale, freshly ground coffee is preferable. It’s more natural. And, all there is to do is consume after brewing it

While it’s worthwhile, the process can be a bit inconvenient.

A quick method to prepare fresh ground coffee is as follows:

  • Ground coffee beans into powder
  • Pour into your coffee jar
  • Add hot water
  • Allow it to steep for a while
  • Then filter it.

The liquid part becomes your fresh rich coffee. With this method, you get the original coffee taste.

While this method sounds straightforward, it can also go wrong. You need a few experiments to see what works and what doesn’t.

Why Brewing Freshly Ground Coffee Thrived

The vacuum packaging is prone to oxidation. But, fresh ground coffee preserves originality.

Fresh ground coffee gives room customization. Also, with fresh ground coffee, you get to enjoy the oil in the coffee beans.

The little oxygen present in the vacuum method infiltrates continually. This can also cause a bad smell to circulate.

Why Fresh Ground Coffee Brewing is Less Done

If brewing fresh ground coffee was the way to go, we’ll all be doing it. Coffee lovers wouldn’t be asking for another effective method.

In most cases, you have to experiment more than twice to know the right ratio. And, the taste of ground coffee is not the same. It tastes differently with each brewing.

Additionally, learning to brew it takes time and requires equipment. You need to buy:

  • Electronic scale
  • Filter cup
  • Filter paper
  • Grinder
  • Water Bottle
  • Thermometer
  • Coffee jar

Even if you are a coffee connoisseur, it will take you a little time. 8 to 12 minutes is the average aside from clean-up time.

Whether you want to go out and order or you want it done faster. Fresh ground coffee is going to take a while. And you will eventually spend more to get it.

Here are new modern packaging technologies that will make a positive difference. They can help shape your coffee business in the future.

The Nitrogen Filling Technology

The exposure of coffee to oxygen makes it lose its flavor.

The nitrogen filling technology is not to make your coffee pack bigger. It is to protect the coffee from physical damage and oxygen exposure.

As it cushions the coffee, it replaces the oxygen in the pack. It is also not harmful to humans. After all, the air we breathe contains 78% of nitrogen.

Nitrogen is odorless in any food. It also has an antibacterial effect when added to foods. Because it contains a chemically stable inert gas. The coffee will hardly dissolve.

Why An Automatic Packing Machine with Nitrogen Gas Flushing Function is Good

For coffee businesses, easy preservation is a goal. Including storage and eliminating damage during shipping.

As Nitrogen keeps your coffee fresh, it also preserves the flavor as long as the pack is sealed.

Getting this Automatic Packing Machine with Nitrogen Gas flushing Function from Spack Machine benefits your coffee and other food business because It eliminates residual oxygen in food packs(down to the remaining  1%).

How Nitrogen Filling Technology Works

The machine opens the bag,  it then weighs and fills the product into the pouch. The filling mechanism in the machine fills sufficient nitrogen gas into the pouch and seals it, ready for distribution.

At Spack Machines, we can provide an automatic packing machine with a nitrogen gas flushing function. You can call or email for a free consultation.

The packing machine seals it tightly which prepares it to be placed in large boxes. Next up is to ship it to grocery stores and resellers.

Packaging Protection

The packaging protection has offered good protection with an aesthetic appeal.

To achieve this, here’s a proper guide:

Packaging materials needed are dependent on the airtight performance. And, they differ by nature but here is a guide to making the best choice:

  • Aluminum or lamination Aluminum film(Good choice)
  • low-density polyethylene (LDPE)
  • polyethylene terephthalate (PET)
  • polypropylene (PP) and paper
  • New Eco-friendly material

The Air Valve

This component features:

  1. Moisture-proof: coffee beans have a flavor that can easily dispel. The moisture-proof helps to keep air out of the pack.
  1. Buffer: it cushions the bag content to reduce movement impact. This is necessary during transportation or storage. In case of any present air in the bag. It goes away through the one-way exhaust valve. It also helps to curtail packages from bursting.
  1. Exhaust: this helps to eliminate any carbon dioxide present in the bag. Because they are bound to be in the bag after roasting.

For different packaging types, you can find quality options here. They’re safe and valuable.


If your current approach to the coffee business is still based on earlier harmful packaging. Then, the Spack packing machine with a nitrogen gas flushing function is what you need. It will help you supply and deliver fresh coffee packs.

You can send your inquiry to our specialized team or call us for a free consultation.

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