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a multi-head eletronic weigher

May 17, 2022

Introducing the Filling Machines – Find the perfect packaging solution for your business!

This versatile machine can be used to package a variety of products, from liquids to powders. Whether you’re packaging shampoo or spices, the filling machine is up to the task. Read more about our filling machine in this article!

Volumetric cup filling

Volumetric Cup Filler Machines are a common vertical form fill and seal machine that provides a cost-effective and dependable granule filling solution.

This type of filler machine will improve your packing convenience with its sturdy build and flawless operation.  They are ideal for processing a wide range of dry granular materials and can easily handle large, irregular objects without causing any jams or spillage.

Filling Machine

One important thing to consider when choosing a volumetric cup filler machine is the material that it’s made from.

The machine needs to be strong enough to withstand wear and tear from constant use of production. It should also be made from materials that are compatible with the product you’ll be filling so there’s no contamination.

What is it & How does it work

Filling machines for volumetric cups are single-head bench-mounted equipment that is controlled manually. In contrast, the more advanced models include a variety of filling heads or cups. Spack Machine’s volumetric cup filling machines are innovatively easy for manufacturers to operate.

Custom-made filters are also available to meet specific needs. A volumetric cup filling machine works by placing a container of powder, granules, or other products under the hopper.

how cup filler work

Source: Spee-dee

The cup is then filled until it reaches the required capacity and automatically moves on to the next container so that no human intervention is needed.

Some models include several options for controlling speed and precision, which allows you to adjust the volume of each batch to meet your specific packaging needs.

These types of machines are fast and cheap, which is essential to produce more products in a span of time. They can also be used for products that are difficult to measure by weight or other methods, such as irregularly shaped objects.

With Spack Machine’s volumetric cup filling machine, you can produce up to at least 30-80 bags per minute.

Suitable for what material

Volumetric cup filling machines equipped with heavy-duty alternating current (AC) gear motor drives are capable of handling heavier and bigger fills utilizing higher and lower cup plates. They may be set to run at a certain pace by the user.

Multi-drop, charging time, and speed can all be controlled through color touch panels on most devices. A horizontal pouching system, cartooning machine, or conveyor may all benefit from the fillers’ stainless steel frames.

Advantage and disadvantages

There are many advantages of using a volumetric cup filling machine. For one, it is highly accurate and precise, which makes it well suited for products that need to be packaged with a very specific amount.

When it comes to filling powders and granules, volumetric cup filling machines excel due to their versatility, speed, and precision.

The powder is carefully dispensed to produce the desired weight volumetrically. Furthermore, the modular design allows for quick and simple maintenance. This product is built to last because of its high-quality components and sturdy structure.

Maintenance, wear, downtime, and component requirements are minimized to the greatest extent possible using this equipment. This is the result of cutting-edge functions and efficient production.

While volumetric cup filler machines are great for a lot of products, there are some disadvantages to using this type of machine. Although the machine is capable of processing a variety of materials, if the particles are too big, the machine will get clogged.

Auger filling (Powder filling machine)

Filling Machine

When it comes to filling and packaging dry powdered goods, auger fillers (sometimes referred to as auger filling machines) are the preferred equipment.

For example, talcs, flour, spices, chemicals, and baking soda may all be filled with an auger filler machine.  These machines are perfect for those types of materials because they allow for the dry powders to be packed into containers with a minimum amount of air and without clumping or caking.

One key feature of auger filling machines is that they use augers, which look like funnels,  to move the powdered goods into a container.

These augers are generally powered by a motor or compressed air, and they can be adjusted to allow for different types of containers and different fill levels.

What is it & How does it work?

A powder filling machine is a device used to fill containers with a powdered material. The machine uses an auger to move the powdered material into the container.

The auger is generally powered by a motor or compressed air and can be adjusted to allow for different types of containers and different fill levels.

The auger filling machine is a type of volumetric filler that uses gravity to fill containers with dry powdered products. This type of filler is used for products such as talcum powder, flour, spices, and baking soda.

Here is a video of an auger filling packaging machine:

Suitable for what material

The auger filling machine is suitable for dray powdered products such as talc, flour, spices, and baking soda. These types of materials are typically used in an auger filler because they do not clump or cake when packed into containers.

Advantage and disadvantage

The advantage of using an auger filling machine is that it can be adjusted to accommodate different types of containers and fill levels. Additionally, because it uses gravity to fill the containers, it does not require as much energy or manual labor as other types of filling machines.

The main disadvantage of using an auger filling machine is that it can be difficult to clean and maintain if there are any clumps or caking in the powdered material being filled.  This can result in inaccurate fill levels, which can impact the product quality and lead to customer complaints.

Overall, auger filling machines are a reliable and efficient way to fill containers with dry powdered goods. If you are looking for a machine that is precise and easy to use, an auger filler may be the perfect solution for your powder packaging needs.

Here is how auger filler works:

Auger filling packaging machine for match powder, milk tea powder, coffee powder

Multi-head electric weigher

Filling Machine

Fresh items such as oatmeal, sunflower seeds, marijuana, granola, chips, and other solid products may be weighed and pushed through to packing at incredibly quick rates if a multi-head weigher is included in your production strategy.

The items in this category have historically been regarded as difficult to weigh effectively or have a tendency to get caught inside the weighing equipment.

Multi-head weighers, as opposed to single-head weighers, provide you the freedom to program a range of different weights inside the weighing heads, while maintaining the ability to switch programs rapidly. This versatility allows you to weigh all kinds of products, whether they are sensitive or not, in the same machine.

What is it & How does it works

A multi-head electric weighed, also known as a multi-head weighing machine is a specialized piece of equipment that is used to weigh and pack products in bulk quantities. Multi-head electric weighers consist of several separate weighing units on a conveyor belt or other transport system for moving the product through the machine.

The separate weighing units allow for different products to be weighed and packed at the same time, which increases efficiency and productivity.

The multi-head electric weigher is often used in food processing and packaging applications, as it can weigh and package fresh items such as oatmeal, sunflower seeds, marijuana, granola, chips, and other solid products quickly.

Here is how multi-head electric weigher works.

Vertical form fill seal machine with electric weigher:

Suitable for what material

The multi-head electric weighed are suitable for packaging materials such as plastic or metal that can stand up to the high speed of the conveyor belt. The weigher is also able to handle delicate materials, such as produce and raw meat, if it is configured correctly with specialized weighing equipment and packing solutions.

One of the main advantages of a multi-head electric weighed is its versatility and ability to quickly adapt to changes in product volume and weight. This allows manufacturers to be more efficient and flexible when packaging different products or handling seasonal changes in demand.

Advantage and disadvantage

Multi-head weighers come with a variety of features that help make them a great tool for weighing and packing fresh items. For example, many models include advanced software that can automatically recognize when an item has entered the weighing heads, and then adjust the fill rate accordingly. The multi-head electric weigher is also good in achieving high accuracy.

These machines can also be programmed to save the setting for different products, so the operator can save time on the product changeover.

However, multi-head weighers do have some drawbacks as well. For instance, they tend to be more expensive than single-head weighers and require a bit more maintenance to keep them running smoothly.

Furthermore, though, multi-head weighers are a great choice for businesses that need to pack large volumes of fresh items quickly and reliably. Whether you’re working with oatmeal, sunflower seeds, marijuana, granola, chips, and other solid products., these machines are sure to help you reach your production goals.

Liquid pump

Filling Machine

Liquid pump filling machines are used to fill various types of liquid into bottles and other containers. These machines typically consist of a large, rotating cylinder filled with the liquid to be dispensed.

Industries such as food and beverage, cosmetic manufacturing, and pharmaceuticals often rely on liquid pump filling machines to dispense their products.

What is it & How does it works

These machines work by pumping the liquid into a bottle or other container through a series of pipes that are connected to the rotating cylinder at different points along its length.

As the cylinder rotates, one or more nozzles located at the bottom of the system move up and down along its length. This action draws in the desired amount of liquid and delivers it to the filling station, where it is pumped into a bottle or container.

Suitable for what material

Almost all liquid base products can be filled by a liquid pump, And there are some different types of liquid pumps that can be used for different types of liquid with different viscosity.

Also, the tank of the liquid pump can be equipped with mixing and heating functions for filling some special liquid.

For example, if the viscosity of honey is high at a lower temperature, it could affect the filling performance, a tank with a warming function can perfectly solve this issue.

Advantage and disadvantage

There are many advantages to using liquid pump filling machines. One of the most significant advantages is that they are very accurate, which is essential in industries where product consistency is critical.

Another advantage is that these machines can be programmed to dispense specific amounts of liquid,  which is ideal for products that have precise dosage requirements.

The disadvantage of the liquid pump is that it can only run with the liquid base material, and if the product you produce contains some solid products such as some fruit pieces, it will affect the filling performance, it will need to fill by a customize filling system.

If you want to see how it works, here is a video of a liquid pump machine.

Other filling systems

Robotic arm

Robotic arms can be used to automate the process of placing special shape goods or products onto packages. By automating the process, palletizing becomes more accurate, cost-effective, and predictable. The use of robotic arms also frees human workers from performing tasks that present a risk of bodily injury, and highly improves the production speed.

Card Feeder

Card Feeder is designed to feed sheet form items in an on-demand manner in the packaging line. It is applicable for products such as phone cards, game cards, greeting cards, hang tags, packaging bags unfolded cartons, labels, envelopes, and more.

Vibratory Tray Feeders

Vibratory tray feeders on the other hand are for capsules, screws, hardware, pill, and alike.  This machine works by using vibration to move the product into the hopper and then dispense it out of the system.

The vibratory tray feeder is ideal for materials that are dense, small, and heavy. This can include nuts, seeds, small plastic parts, screws, pills, capsules, and other kinds of solid products.

One advantage of the vibratory tray feeder is that it can be used for a wide variety of materials. Another advantage is that it can handle very high speeds, making it ideal for high-volume production.

The advantage is that the vibratory tray feeder usually needs to be customized for the product for perfectly running, so it can’t be used for various products in one feeder.


There are many different types of filling machines on the market, and each one is best suited for a specific application. Depending on your needs, you may need to consider several different types before making a final decision about which system is the best fit for your business.

Spack Machine company is a renowned manufacturer that offers a wide range of filling machinery, including robotic arm fillers, card feeders, and vibratory tray feeders. If you need help choosing the right system for your needs, contact Spack Machine today to speak with one of their experienced professionals.​

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