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December 23, 2019

The following 6 questions, if you have ever asked yourself, make a tick.

  1. ” The job of Emma is not so heavy, why does she claim for repetitive motion injury?”

or ” What? Jack is scalded by the sealing machine again?”

In the world of packaging, the focus is on packaging solutions. The main purpose of the packaging solution is to protect the product, but we should not overlook the importance of protecting the workers as well.

Repetitive motion injuries are one of the 10 most common causes of Workers’ Comp claims. Manual packaging operations often require employees to stand in one place, doing repetitive movements which strain the body part.

Scalded by sealing machines also occurs frequently in the manual packaging process.

Besides compensation, workplace injuries can also cause significant loss of your packaging productivity.

2. “Great, we got a big order for a new product! But how long should my employees be trained before work well?”

Are your products or packages are varied, extremely customized, or ever-changing?

Nowadays recruitment and job changes are common, right?

We have to continually retrain employees on how to pack the products correctly and fast to ensure customer satisfaction while ensuring they do not injure themselves.

Training takes a lot of time and costs. In order to achieve previous production efficiency and standards, you need professional trainers and quality control personnel.

While operating a packaging machine is very easy, it takes little or no training at all.

“Yes, I know. But my products vary so much, I can’t afford different packaging machines.” You may worry about this.

But in fact, you can add a single machine or dedicated packaging system for different bags. It can standardize your packaging and reduce training effectively.

3. ” The demand for our products is increasing. But no one is happy, because we can’t keep up with it!”

You know it’s not the big fish that eats the small fish, it’s fast fish that eats the slow fish. Picture it: The demand is increasing, and your manual packaging capacity simply cannot keep up. Your employees have to overwork, vendors are getting impatient, and the consumers turn to your competitors who “swim” fast.

” What should I do at once? “

Have you ever seen those old-fashioned wooden barrels? The capacity of a barrel is determined not by the longest wooden bars, but by the shortest.

“What is the shortest wooden bars of packaging throughput?”

Yes, many employers will agree that it’s human. Packaging automation greatly reduces human involvement, which speeds up the packaging process. Most of the machines can run with a single operator. They can perform the function much faster and increase total throughput. A skilled worker can pack 10 bags per minute manually, with the help of a machine it would increase the throughput by almost 10 times!

After automating your packaging line, your employees can work happier, vendors respond to consumers’ needs on time, and your company can win more orders and good word of mouth. Everyone is happy except your competitors who can’t keep up.

4. ” It’s really hard to deliver the goods on time, too many uncontrollable factors.”

On Monday, two employees suddenly resigned!

On Wednesday, QC found many overfilling bags by one new employee!

On Friday, it’s an official holiday!

But next Monday is the latest delivery time…

It’s time to automate your production line. Wouldn’t it be great to know your packaging will happen day in and day out after proper parameters are set? It only needs minimal maintenance requirements but can avoid many manual variables.

With the help of an automated packaging system, you can keep the delivery time easily and focused on developing more clients.

5. “We use good materials and hire skilled employees, but why do the consumers still feel our product is not high-end?”

William is one of your most skilled employees. But a product packed by him on Friday afternoon won’t be the same as the one on Monday morning.

Fatigue, ignorance, lack of training, or motivation can affect the employees, they can’t pack each pouch to the quality standard, time and time again.

The packaging of your product is the FIRST impression that your consumers decide to buy or not, and how much they want to pay for it. An erratic and uneven packaging can give the perception of a low-end manufacturer. It will result in potential complaints or damage due to a poorly packed product.

A clean professional finished product can increase customer satisfaction when it’s received and used. The look of your products hung on shelves must present the professional image you want for your company, right?

6. “A packaging machine is too expensive, it’s better for me to insist on hand packaging. “

Hand packaging is cheaper at first. No need to worry about a large investment for a machine, but you might not be taking a long-term view of the true cost.

What costs will hand packaging bring to you?

1)Labour cost, social security payments, workers’ comp, unemployment, insurance.

2)Labour costs for trainers, managers, and quality control inspectors

3)Loss of the work stoppage

4)Materials cost wasted

5)Customer claim cost for late delivery time or poorly packed product

Sometimes spending more initially saves you more costs in the future. If a packaging machine is used properly, its economic life could be more than 6 years. How many products can it pack for 6 years? Spreading the machine cost over them, the cost of each package is totally acceptable.

Here are the test results:

If no tick, congratulations! The manual packaging is totally enough for your current needs.

Tick 1 to 2, you need to master more methods and increase the productivity of your manual packaging line.

Tick 3 to 4, your progress towards success has been seriously slowed down by manual packaging. It’s time to replace hand packaging with suitable packaging machines gradually.

Tick 5-6, you need to automate your packaging line at once! All you need is email to or call +86-13226819993, Leon will provide you with a detailed solution in 59 minutes.

Leon Liu

Leon Liu


I am Leon, the technical sales manager of Spack Machine, I have a Mechatronics Degree and 10 years of experience in the packaging machine industry.

Spack Machine is a leading manufacturer of packaging machines. We commit to providing a one-stop solution for our customers.

I hope to provide you with valuable information about packaging and machinery through this blog.

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