The Latest Snack Packaging Trend In 2022

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October 28, 2021

The snack food industry is constantly evolving and expanding. What used to be dominated by potato chips and baked goods has expanded to include a wide variety of items packaged in snack-sized containers.

This section is now available from nuts to dried fruit, granola bars, jerky, kale chips, superfood concoctions, gluten-free cookies, and more.

Whether you’re a first-to-market snack foods company or a seasoned veteran, you understand the significance of remaining current with product and packaging trends.

Consumers’ lives and culinary preferences vary over time, so keeping in front of them is crucial.

Snacks have evolved into something more than a salty crunch or a sweet pleasure.

They’re gaining popularity as a dietary supplement to help people achieve their overall health goals.

Flexible packaging is gaining popularity in the snack food industry, which is unsurprising. Snack packets with single servings are convenient and easy to use.

Consumers buy multi-serving snack packs and pouches with resealing technology to keep things fresh when they don’t want to purchase single-serve. It enables numerous servings and situations while still preserving freshness.

Zippers, hook-and-loop closures, and reseal sticker add-ons are all essential in this category.

Flexible packaging provides a high shelf presence in addition to the various benefits it offers. As a brand owner, you have a fantastic opportunity to stand out. Pouches fit more items on the shelf than rigid packages because of their thin shape.

Furthermore, because pouches are durable and lightweight, they are easier to ship, handle, store, and refill without worries about shattering containers.

Consumers benefit from these features because pouches take up less room at home or on the road and are simple to dispose of. Its flexibility, stand-up convenience, reseal options, and lightweight features are favorites among retailers, brand owners, and customers.

Different Forms of Flexible Packaging

Snack foods can now provide everything from healthful to delicious to even utilitarian. A snack food package must keep snacks fresh and convenient to consume for it to be efficient.

1. Stand Up Pouches

A lot of snack companies use flexible packaging. According to MRFR, the flexible packaging category accounted for the most significant share of the worldwide snack food packaging market in 2018 and is forecast to grow at the fastest CAGR over the following seven years.

Stand-up pouches feature a bottom or gusset that allows them to stand up on the shelf and appeal to shoppers as they browse the aisles. Jerky, almonds, granola, and bigger pouches containing several single-servings are all examples of snacks that employ stand-up pouches.

2. Lay Flat Pouches

Lay flat pouches sit flat on the shelf, as the name indicates. They come with a hang hole and maybe your best option is to hang your goods on a retail rack.

3. Rollstock

Print and laminated film on a roll is known as roll stock. Rollstock is excellent for businesses that want to make pouches on their own or with the help of a co-packer. Granola bars, pretzels, potato chips, tortilla chips, and other single-serve snacks are excellent candidates.

Benefits of Using Flexible Packaging for Snack Foods

1. Increasing the Shelf Life of Products

Heat, smells, oxygen, and light are all blocked by flexible packaging, which provides excellent barrier protection for the items within. What exactly is the advantage? Food waste is reduced when spoiling is diminished. Making your snack box resealable also helps to keep your food fresh between uses.

2. Shelf Visibility

Are you planning to sell your snack product online or in stores? Is it a gourmet, high-end shop or a supermarket or convenience store? Think about how you want the product to appear on the shelf and a mobile device.

Pouches are available in a range of sizes and forms, allowing for high-impact designs in various applications. Photo-quality images, legible writing, and strong branding may all contribute to a better customer experience.

3. Convenient Snacking

Is your snack meant to be consumed on the move or during family dinners? Is it a one-time-use item, such as a tiny packet of nuts, or a multi-serving item, such as a bag of chips?

A good package should be simple to open and engage with, whether you’re on the road or at home. Flexible packaging is lightweight and straightforward to open, allowing customers to consume the product regardless of their location.

It’s also easier to handle, carry, and store than rigid packaging like boxes or jars since it’s lighter. Consider whether a resealable zipper, a rip notch, or other practical features that make the product more convenient are essential to you.

4. Ingenious Packaging

You can convert your snack into a web-based user experience with innovative packaging. Innovative packaging uses unique, serialized QR codes to attract customers. They can watch a recipe, a video, a promotion, join a loyalty program, sign up for a newsletter, play a game, download a discount, or witness the snack’s journey from the start of manufacturing to the shelf when they scan the code. Consumer involvement will be driven by innovative packaging in the future.

The Emergence of Automated Packaging in Snack Food Industry

According to current figures, the snack market is expected to rise at an unprecedented rate. As a result, market demand will continue to grow, attracting new investors to the sector. Snacks are the most popular packaged food, among other things. Automated machines have improved to satisfy the growing demand. To keep up with their competitors, machine suppliers are now focusing on producing automated equipment.

At the heart of it, all are packaging machines. These pieces of equipment are required for snack packaging that is of high quality and may be customized. Packaging machine manufacturers produced a variety of snack packaging machines to meet the demands of the snack industry’s growth. Snack food packaging equipment includes the following devices:

To learn more about how to import these and other automated packaging machines, check out

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