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Ultimate Guide for Auger Filling Machine

May 18, 2022

Making the switch to an auger filling machine can seem daunting, but don’t worry! We’re here to guide you through everything you need to know about these auger filling machines.

Whether you’re looking for a machine that can handle large production or one that is compact and easy to use, an auger filling machine may suit your manufacturing needs.

What is Auger filling machine and How does it Work?

Auger fillers are devices that precisely measure out the required quantity of a product before adding it to its container. The product is kept inside a container that is referred to as the hopper, and at the beginning of each cycle, the filler dispenses an exact quantity of the product into the package.

Auger fillers, also known as auger filling machines, are the preferred filling and packaging machinery for all dry powdered goods.

The auger filler machine is suitable for filling extremely fine powders such as talcs, wheat, spices, chemical powders, and baking soda.

The auger filling machine works by using a combination of air pressure, vacuum, gravity, centrifugal force, friction, or a pump to move and transfer products into containers.

This movement is what allows for fast and efficient filling for faster production.

This video will show you how the auger filling machine works.

Auger Filling Machine Features

Auger filling machine offers a lot of features that are beneficial in the processing and packaging of various products. Some of the main features include the following:

HMI Interface

An HMI interface with a touch screen controls the auger control system, making it user-friendly and convenient. The machine can be operated with only one employee, and all product contact parts are made of stainless steel for easy cleaning and maintenance.

High-quality servo motor

For better metering accuracy, the auger shaft is powered by an ultra-premium servo motor (e.g., from Japan Mitsubishi, depending on client order). There are many different sizes of auger filler.

Fast and accurate

Auger filling machines can pack at least 70 bags per minute. Additionally, the auger control system provides a high level of accuracy and repeatability in the filling, regardless of product density or fill range.

The explosion-proof mixing motor

The auger filling machine is also equipped with E-class to prevent dust explosions. This is beneficial because it means that the auger filling machine can be used in a variety of environments, including those with potentially explosive dust.

Dust-proof mechanisms are installed on the filler’s surface and internal transmission to prevent dust from harming machine components.

Plus, the rotational speed of the auger shaft and the resulting filling volume may be monitored and micro-adjusted to maintain filling accuracy and stability.

This correction is performed by a feedback mechanism that counts pulses generated by the rotation of the auger shaft.

Overall, the auger filling machine is a reliable, user-friendly, and high-quality device that can be used to process and package a wide variety of products.

Kinds of Powder Filling Machine

Semi-Automatic Auger Filler

A semi-automatic auger filler machine is a type of filling machine that uses an auger to fill containers with products. It is a manually operated machine that is typically used for filling powders, granules, or small pellets.

Ultimate Guide for Auger Filling Machine

Using them is a cinch, and they’re perfect for putting fine powder, ultra-fine powder, and micro minuscule granules in.

It’s built on a sturdy stainless steel frame that’s built to last.

This means that for any customer who is looking for an inexpensive, low-cost, repeatable, and precise filling of fine powders and tiny granules, a semi-automatic auger filler is the best option for them.

Adding a screw conveyor feeder automates all of the following semi-automatic auger fillers. A stirring bar is included in the auger filler to ensure that the product is supplied continuously into the fill auger.

One of the main advantages of an auger filler machine is its ability to tightly control the filling process.

The auger mechanism allows for highly accurate filling measurements, and it can also be adjusted to fill containers of various sizes and shapes. Additionally, auger filling machines can be used to fill both dry and wet products.

Fill-By-Weight Auger Filler

The fill by weight auger filler is a high-quality filling machine used to smoothly and efficiently fill a variety of dry goods into packaging containers. This type of auger filler is designed specifically for applications that require accurate filling by weight, making it ideal for products like coffee, spices, powders, and more.

This auger filler is equipped with state-of-the-art weight sensing and control technology that ensures every fill is precise and consistent. The auger filling machine is designed for easy cleaning and maintenance, with all augers and contact parts being easily accessible.

If you’re looking for a high-quality auger filling machine that can handle accurate filling by weight, the fill by weight auger filler is the perfect choice for your business.

Net Weigh Auger Filler

This type of machine is another excellent machine to consider if you are running a business.

This type of auger filler is also highly versatile, and able to handle a wide range of products including powders, granules, flakes, and tablets.

Whether you are looking to fill pharmaceuticals or chemical products the auger filler can do it all with precision and efficiency.

Multiple Auger Fillers

Designed for large filling of items such as ground coffee, multi-head auger fillers have many filling heads.

Servo motors are used in conjunction with over a dozen augers, allowing them to be quick, dependable, and very precise. The stainless steel hoppers are constructed in such a way that the product flows smoothly to the augers.

These augers are specially designed for each type of material being filled, ensuring that the product is evenly distributed and that no air pockets form.

With high-capacity auger fillers, you can fill large volumes of ground coffee quickly and efficiently. These machines are ideal for industrial use in busy factories or cafés, as they allow you to fill large orders quickly and easily.

Whether you need auger filling machines for a small coffee roaster or for an industrial-sized operation, there is sure to be a model that meets your needs.

Automatic Bottle Jar Tin Auger Fillers

Filling machine for powder bottles that is fully automatic and includes industry-proven auger filler heads and a conveyor that is placed on a robust frame.

This auger filler is capable of filling a wide range of bottles and jars quickly and accurately. The auger filling heads are adjustable, allowing you to change the fill size without having to stop the machine. The conveyor is designed to move smoothly, even when loaded with heavy bottles.

The automatic bottle jar tin auger fillers are an ideal choice for busy factories and manufacturing plants that produce a variety of powders, or other similar products. With its fast and reliable filling capabilities, this auger filler is sure to meet your needs.

So why wait? Invest in an auger filler today and start enjoying the benefits!


Auger fillers are machines that are designed to fill products by weight. They come in a variety of types, each with its own unique benefits and features. When choosing an auger filler, it is important to consider the type of products you will be filling and the volume you need to fill.

Luckily, Spack Machine is here for you! We have years of experience providing quality packaging services to businesses of all types and sizes. We can help you choose the auger filler that is right for your business, and we will provide you with the training you need to use it effectively.

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