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April 14, 2021

Selecting the best packaging for your coffee business can make a huge difference. As you set out in your new coffee business venture. With so much coffee packaging in the market, choosing a good one will add to the success of your coffee business. Especially when it hits retail stores.

Also, considering the growth in the coffee business globally, there is a positive look. The expected worth of the coffee market is over $200 Billion by 2025. This is according to Research and Markets. This shows how lucrative the coffee business is.

While you might want to weigh so many options like cost, aesthetics. It is important to pay attention to the needs of your coffee business.

So how do you choose a suitable package for your coffee business?

Start by weighing important factors that will suit your branding and marketing. Consider these key factors:

The sizes you intend to sell: these range from the small packaging bag options. E.g flat tea bag, coffee drip bag, stick pack, etc to the big bag options (which are pillow bag, block bottom bag, daypack, etc).

Are you in a quest to choose the most suitable packaging for your coffee business? Consider these key elements including our recommendations for you to enhance your branding.

What Size of Packaging is the Best for me?

This depends on your target audience. Determining your target audience will help you choose the right packaging. It will correspond with your brand. Also, customers will identify your coffee brand when it’s on the shelf.

Consider the environment you intend to start with. This will help you pay attention to details. After all, consumer demands are the biggest factor in making a business successful.

Below are Various Packaging ideas you can choose from. It includes extensive information about how they differ. Also, the markets they are favorable for.

According to Professor Gerald Zaltman from Harvard Business School. The subconscious mind is the 95% determinant of a customer’s bargain.

This means that cost is the second thing a customer checks. The first physical appeal is branding.

So how do you choose the right package for your coffee business?

Here are a few insights to give your coffee business, a competitive edge:

  • Go for bold and playful packaging to stand out.

Imagine this scenario:

A customer walks into a store, to get coffee without having any particular brand in mind. He/she sees so many coffee brands competing for consumers’ attention.

Do you think your coffee packaging will stand out? This should be your drive when choosing to package for your coffee business. Strive to be stylish and captivating. Proper packaging usually leads the buyer to assume convenience while using the product.

  •  Make low-budget packaging look stylish.

There is packaging that has a luxurious feel but is inexpensive. You can customize your coffee packaging to look simple. More so, you get to excite your target audience.

Customize your packaging to address the pain point of your customer in a stylish way.

While this may look tasking, the Spack Machine Experts can help. They are great at enhancing convenience when packaging. You can consult them for free to discuss one that suits your coffee business.

Below are small packages you can choose from to  package your coffee business:

Stick Pack

Extend the shelf life of your coffee in this small packaging. It’s suitable for single use. When compared to bigger pouch packaging, stick packs are sustainable.

Remember: less is more.

Stick packs apply to the coffee business because they optimize shelf life. Also convenient for consumers.

Pyramid Tea Bag/ Pyramid Tea Bag with Outer Bag

The way a pyramid tea bag gives space within it for proper infusion is second to none.

With a pyramid tea bag, brewing is better as it gives more room for the content to move around. Also, nobody likes to take it when you need the tea hot. The brewing process of a pyramid tea bag content is time-efficient.

For your coffee business, if you want a size that targets those on the go, this tea bag packaging is not a bad idea. It is also great for gifting as it features a classic look with a luxury feel.

Flat Tea Bag/Flat Tea Bag With Outer Bag

This packaging features a simple yet organized look to help market your coffee. A free consultation with Spack Machine Experts will help get a unique one. Which will be able to meet the needs of your coffee packaging.

Coffee Drip Bag

If you are targeting those whose intake of coffee is a daily routine. Then, consider this packaging option. Some consumers prefer to use it as a filter instead of metal filters.

The Spack Machine experts offer one that will produce a stable and accurate bag length. Making your coffee packaging easier. Aside from packaging your coffee, the Spack machine can enhance your branding. It has more devices.

Coffee drip bags offer a compact and convenient design for easy on-the-go purposes.

The Big Packaging Options

Big packaging is a great way to extend the size of your coffee packages. With many available options, choose from any of them below. To help take your coffee business to another level.

Pillow Bag

Pillow bags offer picture-perfect packaging to showcase your coffee on store shelves.

When consumers walk into stores, great-looking packaging attracts them first. Even when they have something else in mind to buy.

It’s a shelf-ready package that can also extend the life of your coffee in retail stores.

Gusset Bag

Every consumer loves big content in a portable bag. The outer look of a gusset bag packaging might look smaller than the content inside. But, it’s better to leave your coffee consumers excited with more content inside.

It offers improved sealing features to protect your coffee. What more? It’s very durable as it hardly punctures. Minor scratches don’t get through, thereby curbing deterioration.


The standing position of a daypack is good for the advert. It helps to improve the point of sale display. Aside from providing great design, its bottom seal is very rigid.  Even though it’s less weight, it strengthens the durability of your coffee packaging.

The solid upright position easily sells your coffee to the consumers.

Quad Seal Bag

The quad seal bag is suitable for large quantity packaging. Having different sizes of coffee packaging affords your consumers different options. Quad seal bags are good for shelf display as it stands to advertise your coffee in retail stores.

Block Bottom Bag

This packaging incorporates the forms of a gusset bag and a stand-up pouch. Coffee, food, and detergent enterprises opt for the block bottom bag. The ones filled and sealed by a Spack machine are firm to display your coffee. You can advertise on the back, front, and side panels as it offers a great product display.

Difference Between Roll Stock Package and Pre-made Package

Choosing the right packaging for your coffee business will aid fast growth.

The roll stock packaging and pre-made packaging are not the same.  They produce different processes to package your coffee.

Pre-made packages are ready-made pouches that are fillable.  They are sourced from the packaging material supplier. Then used on the Spack packaging machine. The machine picks it up and does the filling and sealing automatically.

The pre-made packaging machine is more suitable to apply on complicated pouches, such as block bottom bags, gusset bags, quad seal bags, daypack, and pouches that need air valve or zipper function.

The roll-stock type packaging machines can automatically form bags, dose and fill products into the pouch, and then seal the pouch automatically.

This would be the easiest way to make the package, however, this method can’t apply to all the package styles, only pillow bag, pyramid/ flat tea bags, drip coffee bag, stick bag, 3/4 side seal bag, and gusset bag can be made by roll stock type packaging machine.

Remember: To discuss options that can meet your coffee business needs in a unique way. The Spack Machine Experts are available for a free consultation.

Air Valve Function and Zipper Function for the Pouch

A fresh-roasted coffee emits carbon dioxide. Leaving roasted coffee in a completely sealed bag is not ideal as it can burst. A good coffee package should have an airbag function. Also, there should be a zipper function for large pouches.

How can carbon dioxide be released and the coffee remain fresh?

It is possible through an air valve function that features in your coffee packaging.

It prevents air and maintains freshness. The zipper function makes it sealable after each use.


The coffee business requires the latest packaging technology.  You can achieve this from anywhere in the world using our guide about how to import a machine from China. A packaging machine gives you innovative measures. Which helps to stay afloat in the competitive market.

The above options will help your brand market a distinctive packaged coffee. If you are yet to make an informed choice, a free professional consultation is what you need. 

Spack Machine Experts will help you pick the right packaging machine. Which will match the needs of your coffee business.

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