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June 28, 2022

The packaging machine is a piece of machinery that has widespread applications. It is adaptable to the packaging requirements of various product categories.

On the other hand, there are a plethora of different kinds of packaging machines. The majority of individuals do not understand how to identify it.

This article will explain how to categorize the many types of packaging machines. We are going to explain to you how to use the packaging machine. You’ll know how to pick the best packaging machine for your company.

Let’s go right down to the nitty-gritty of it.

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How are Packing Machines Classified?

There are packing machines for a broad range of packing requirements. They are designed to pack different types of products. The packing machines can be classified into the following categories:

Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine

It’s no surprise that vertical form fill and seal (VFFS) packaging machines are utilized in almost every sector today since they are rapid, cost-effective, and save significant production floor space.

The essential operation of vertical packing machines includes taking a large roll of film, forming it into a bag, placing items inside the bag, and finally closing the bag. In contrast, the machine moves in a vertical direction at speeds of up to one hundred bags per minute.

VFFS machines are able to work with a wide variety of materials, including but not limited to paper, plastic laminate, cellophane, aluminum foil, and composite film (laminated).

VVFS machines are able to wrap a wide variety of items, from candies to powders, and other food products like oats. Moreover, VVFS machines have other types as well.

These are:

Single line vertical packing machine

You may use this packaging equipment to wrap everything from food to chemicals to pharmaceuticals. For example, milk powder, soy milk powder, oats, sesame paste, sugar, Many sorts of seasonings, spices, and many sorts of medicines may be dissolved in water and eaten as a supplement.

This high-speed vertical packing machine is capable of packing up to ninety-six bags per minute and is mainly used in the food industry. If you are in the business of packing a lot of food, then this is the packing machine for you.

Multi-lane stick pack machine

A multi-lane vertical packaging machine is able to pack a variety of goods, including milk powder, and other goods of a similar kind. The aesthetics and ergonomics of this machine have been carefully considered to provide optimal performance in the packaging industry.

The advantage of a multi-lane stick pack machine is that it can make a multi-stick pack sachets at the same time, and the maximum packing speed can reach 320 bags per minute for one machine only, this is a huge advantage for the business owners who want to save the space for keeping the machine and saving the labor cost.

An intuitive control panel makes it easy to set up the most crucial operational settings.

In addition, because of its user-friendliness, this equipment is simple to use and maintain. Best of all, because of its solid construction, it will last for a long time and work without any issues.

Flow wrapping machine

Vertical packing machine with a multi-head weigher

These efficient and high-quality multihead weigher packing machines are constructed from durable materials such as metal and aluminum, which contribute to their lifespan. 

Even human labor expenses may be reduced by using these multihead weigher packaging machines, which are very efficient in terms of energy consumption.

Multihead weigher packing machines are simple to use and offer a quicker packaging speed because of sophisticated, automated technology.

Multihead weigher packing machines may be utilized in a variety of businesses, including food and beverage, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals, enabling precise packaging of various bag sizes.

These multihead weigher packaging machines have a variety of voltage ranges and strong engines that boost performance and increase production significantly.

Multi-lane packing machine for powder and liquid-stick packing

Multi-lane Liquid Stick Filling Packaging Machine is ideal for various liquid goods, including ketchup, syrup, sauce, oils, paste, and candy, among others.

These multi-lane stick sachet packaging machines are built of metal and aluminum, both of which contribute to their long-term endurance.

These multi-lane stick sachet packaging machines are very energy efficient and may assist in minimizing the expenses connected with electricity bills and even human labor.

The fantastic multi-lane stick sachet packing machine has a faster packing speed that is powered by smart, automated technology. Furthermore, the machine is simple to run.

This packing machine is perfect for packing a variety of products in different businesses, like food and beverages, cosmetics, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals.

The packing machine has a variety of voltage options and is built with a strong engine to ensure excellent performance and increased productivity.

Horizontal Flow Wrapping Machine

The horizontal flow wrapping machine utilizes both heat and heat ultrasonic technology to produce airtight seals. The machine’s open design allows for fast line clearance.

This equipment may be used to package candies, chocolate bars, cards, and other solid products. Manufacturers benefit from the speed and efficiency of HFFS equipment when it comes to packing.

The Horizontal Flow Wrapping Machine’s process begins with an in-feed conveyor area that delivers your items into a forming box. After that, the wrapping process begins. This shaping box is used on machines with rotary sealers to wrap the product in packaging film. As a final step, the bag is sealed and cut out of the film.

Premade bag packing machine

Using a premade bag packing machine, you may package both solid and liquid goods in premade pouches, such as daypack, block bottom bags, gusset bags, and other customized premade bags.

This equipment type provides your products with a trendy appearance that makes them stand out more prominently on shelves. And with the built-in reclosable zipper choices, your personalized bags will offer additional value and appeal to your target audience.

First-rate branded sensors, cylinders, and PLC are used in the production of our ready-made packing solutions. Because of the consistent intermittent motion and the exact volumetric portion control, you are able to acquire almost all of your bagged items with the right quantity of the product in each bag.

In addition, you may speed up your job by using any auxiliary apparatus that you desire, such as a feeder, a conveyor, or a scale. In addition, this machine’s stainless steel tank and nozzle make cleaning and maintaining your tank and nozzle simple.

premade bag packaging machines - spackmachine

Rotary premade bag packing machine

The rotary premade packing machine provides the consumer with the choice of high-speed packing for either dry or liquid filling of bags.

Suitable for powders, grains, liquids, and other food-related components, these high-speed rotary pouch packaging machines may be used in a range of applications.

Depending on the type and configuration that are selected, as well as the product application that is being used, the rotary packaging process as a whole has the capability of producing anywhere from 40 to 200 filled pouches every minute.

Horizontal premade bag packing machine

A horizontal premade bag packing machine is a premade pouch packaging machine that has a high level of efficiency and comes at an inexpensive price.

This machine is equipped with a variety of filling methods that may accommodate powder, granule, liquid, snack, herbal, or other individualized items.

This machine features a pick and place bag infeed mechanism that is automated. The two-step technique of sealing ensures that your products will be sealed completely and securely. There is also an emergency stop button included in the design of this machine for your safety.

This packing machine is simple to operate and is able to produce a variety of packing styles.

Tea & Coffee Packaging Machine

The bagging of dried tea leaves and ground coffee powder will be made easier with the introduction of teabag packaging machines. This kind of filling and sealing machinery uses a particular roll stock cloth material with tagged strings or hanging ears.

Your tea bag-making business may benefit greatly from the use of tea pouch packing solutions and the right packaging machinery. With this packing method, you will be able to pack a wider array of tea flavors quickly and easily.

Coffee packaging machines are also available to help you with your coffee packing business. These packing machines can be used for packing whole beans, ground coffee, and instant coffee powder.

Drip coffee bag packing machine

A drip coffee bag packing machine is a specialized packing machine that can be used for single-use coffee.

These remarkable drip coffee bag packaging machines are energy efficient, and as a result, they may cut down on significant expenses connected with monthly energy bills. Additionally, they can help minimize the amount of human labor that is required.

Automated and efficient drip coffee bag packaging machines are also quite durable in terms of their attributes, with longer working life. Drip coffee bags and outer bags may be made in the same machine.

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Pyramid tea bag packaging machine

The pyramid tea bag packaging machine is used to mechanically package items such as green tea, flower tea, medical tea, medical tea, granules, and so on.

The teabag may be sealed in either a triangle or a three-sided fashion with this machine. A single bond is all that is needed to transform the bag from a three-sided closure to a triangle.

Using precise volumetric measurement, the filler material may be readily changed. Based on the kind of material, electronic scale metering may be placed wherever on the machine.

Filter tea bag packaging machine

This filter tea bag machine is excellent if your business is focused on packing small goods such as tea leaves, coffee, and medical herbs. It is also a packing machine that gives out outer bags for the filtered tea bags. Filter tea bags save money and time.

Mostly, tea businesses are the ones that use this machine since packing tea requires speed and accuracy, which this packing machine can provide.

filter paper tea bag packing machine

Which type of packing machine is best for your business?

The packing machine you choose will be based on the needs of your business. If you are packing tea, coffee, or herbs, then choosing from our tea and coffee packing machines is the best option.

We also offer packing machines for a wide variety of other products, such as snacks, dried fruit, and more. If you need help deciding which packing machine is right for your business, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Spack Machine is a packing machine manufacturer that provides packing solutions for businesses of all sizes. We offer a wide range of packing machines, including tea and coffee packing machines, snack packing machines, and more. Contact us today to learn more about our packing machine solutions.

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