What is a Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine (VFFS Machine)

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May 30, 2022

Are you curious to know more about the features and advantages of the vertical form fill seal machine?

In this article, we’ll explore the features and benefits of vertical form fill seal machines to help you decide whether they’re perfect for your business.

Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine (VFFS Machine)

Vertical form-fill-seal machines (VFFS) are common packaging machinery. These machines provide capabilities and benefits that conventional packaging equipment may take your packaging needs to the next level.

Vertical form fill and seal packaging machines are employed in almost every sector of the economy today, and for good reason: They are efficient, cost-effective packaging solutions that make better use of scarce factory floor space.

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Vertical packing machines’ common structure and system include a huge roll of film, shaping it into a bag, filling the bag with goods, and then sealing it, all while moving in a vertical direction at rates of up to 100 bags per minute.

Some of the materials that can be handled by VFFS machines are:

  • Paper
  • Polystyrene
  • Polyethylene
  • Plastic laminate
  • Cellophane
  • Aluminum foil
  • Metalized film
  • Composite film (laminated)

VVFS machines can wrap from candy to crisps, detergent powder, juice, beverages like milk, snacks like nuts, and other food products like oats.

Range of Applications of Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine

Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine

Vertical form fill and seal machines (VFFS) of today may be put to productive use in a broad range of sectors and can fulfill any production and packaging requirements that may be imposed upon them by these specific types of businesses.

Manufacturers in the following sectors are aware of the crucial role that VFFS machines may play in their production lines when it comes to efficiently packaging goods at big volumes:

When it comes to efficient packing and bagging in any of these sectors, producers nearly always look for novel VFFS solutions; these machines are often picked because of their simple operation, one-of-a-kind model, and unparalleled reliability.

Advantages of Vertical Form  Fill Seal Machine

Wide Range Packaging Solutions

The key advantage of a VFFS machine is that it offers an all-in-one solution for filling, sealing, and packaging products in a single operation.

This not only reduces the amount of time needed to package products but also eliminates the need for additional machinery, such as conveyors.

Cuts Labor Costs

Another big advantage of using a VFFS machine is that it can help cut labor costs.

These machines are designed to be operated by just 1-2 persons, which means you won’t need to hire multiple employees to run the packaging line.

Enhances Efficiency

In addition, VFFS machines can help enhance the overall efficiency of your packaging process.

These machines can package products at high speeds, which means you’ll be able to get more products packaged in a shorter amount of time.

sachet packaging filling machine with multi-head electronic weigher for seeds, cereal, oat

Ultra-Simple Manipulation

Our vertical packaging machines including the vertical form fill seal machines are equipped with a user-friendly touch screen that gives you complete control over the manufacturing line.

This user-friendly touchscreen will make it possible for you to quickly select the pouch’s weight and dimensions in a matter of minutes. consists of making the pouch, filling it, and then sealing it.

The effective method reduces the amount of labor needed and the associated expenses for producing big quantities of items.

Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine

Rapid Bag Size Changeover

Because of its modular component, the vertical bagger equipment that we provide makes it easy for you to rapidly adjust the size of the pouch.

In addition to this, you may do distinct bag size swaps without resorting to the use of any simple instruments.

The Latest Technological Developments in VFFS Machines

Film Tracking

As webs of flat packaging film are dragged through the VFFS machine, they have a propensity to shift off-center as the machine moves through the webs.

Although it is possible to trace film manually, doing so is neither efficient nor cost-effective. Because it involves human interaction, it is not always fast enough to make necessary adjustments to the film in advance.

Therefore, the operator will detect bags that do not conform to the specifications, and they will be required to stop the machine, make modifications manually, and do rework. This results in longer periods of downtime, adds to the loss of goods and film, and is completely wasteful overall.

This problem is solved by the majority of current vertical packing machines, which are equipped with automated film tracking.

This indicates that the machine will adjust itself in real-time in order to maintain the center of the web of the film while also maintaining a constant tension.

A sensor that identifies the edge of the film and automatically moves the whole film carriage to recover its center inside the packing machine is used to do this. This is done so that the film may be used uninterrupted.

Gusset bag packaging machine form fill seal pouch packing machines, manufacturer

Frame Construction

The frame of the packing machine is what supports and stabilizes the equipment, therefore for it to execute its work properly, the frame has to be as sturdy and powerful as possible.

In general, the frame architecture of the machine has an effect on the degree to which it runs smoothly.

The optimal material for the frames of machines is stainless steel because it offers a number of distinct benefits, including a high strength-to-weight ratio, immunity to chipping and flaking, and resistance to corrosion.

Standard practice calls for the majority of frames to be assembled using bolts. Welded frames, on the other hand, are a fantastic alternative that lessens the possibility of contaminant accumulation.

Welded frames, on the other hand, do not need routine bolt tightening since the bolts are welded to the frame and will not become less secure over time.

Touch-screen Controls

A vertical form fill seal machine is made easy because of its modern composition of using touch screens.

This is where the Human Machine Interface (HMI) and the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) come into play (HMI).

The PLC, which acts similarly to a microcomputer, controls the functionality and functioning of the packing machine. An HMI, which is often a color touch screen measuring between 7 and 12 inches, serves as the interface through which a person may make changes, get feedback, and obtain updates.


Vertical Form Fill Seal machines are designed to work at high speeds.

In the end, vertical packaging equipment can help you save money and increase your market with an output of between 30 to 200 bagged items every minute, giving you more options for customers to choose from.

Reduce carbon footprint

VFFS machines help you reduce your carbon footprint in a few ways.

First, it helps you reduce the amount of energy you use. Second, it helps you use less water and fewer chemicals. Third, it helps you recycle more materials. Finally, it helps you generate less waste.

When all of these factors are taken into account, it’s easy to see how a VFFS machine can help you reduce your carbon footprint.

Servo driven system

The end-user has greater precision of control over the machine components thanks to servo drives. A closed-loop system gives constant input about the position, velocity, and acceleration/deceleration of servo-driven components.

This feedback may be used to adjust the component’s behavior. This makes it possible to collect data in real-time, make modifications, and achieve perfect repeatability.

A pneumatic system with fewer moving parts and less complexity cannot deliver the same degree of understanding, control, and precision.

The use of servo-driven machinery is almost universally acknowledged to be the best option. These days, servo drives are becoming more used in newer equipment.

Efficient Heating Jaws

Your bagging time will be greatly reduced, and your overall product production will rise if you use VFFS systems since they use jaws with excellent heating efficiency and incredible packing speeds.

These machines are equipped with data monitoring technology that enables them to recognize when a product or obstacle is stuck between a possible sealing point. This enables you to discover incorrect seals and bags with an unequaled level of accuracy.


Modern VFFS systems are the preferred choice of bagging manufacturers across the globe because of their durability, ease of use, and dependability.

Because they are able to handle a greater number of packages in a shorter amount of time compared to other alternatives, these solutions reduce the amount of money spent on operating expenses. Even better, these machines support themselves to a considerable extent, reducing the amount of direct maintenance that is required for an effective system.

The most important thing that a high-efficiency vertical form-fill-seal machine can accomplish for you is to provide you with the highest possible levels of performance, durability, and packing quality that are currently on the market.

By automating the whole packing process, these cutting-edge machines provide a return on their investments in a short period of time. Their flawless changeover speeds, enormous value per investment dollar, and very low maintenance requirements all contribute to this.

If you are curious to know more, Spack Machine is ready to show you how a modern VFFS machine can take your business to the next level.

Visit our website or contact us today, and we’ll be more than happy to discuss the unique advantages of our machines in greater detail.

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